In my life, some of the most powerful, profound words I've read have been in works of fiction. In this channel, I offer stories and poems that attempt to uncover deeper truths through (mostly) fictional narratives.

Learning Reconciliation

July 12, 2018No Comments
Peace is costly—it is not made by ignoring pain or hurt or history. Peace comes with honestly and humility, a commitment to seeing and listening to one another.

Beauty Grace Illusion Lie

November 19, 2017No Comments
Life is complicated, messy, hard to understand. And that's exactly what makes it beautiful.

Scripture to Me

January 25, 2017No Comments
I was asked to describe my view of Scripture, so I wrote this short reflection as a depiction of how the Bible has come alive to me in recent years. Scripture is no longer a reflection of myself, but is a summons to know the world of life.

Falling on the Sword

August 20, 2016No Comments
Men prepare for battle against the forces of darkness. At the command of their Divine, they ride their warhorses against their foes and, with the power of their Divine, they win what they think is a miraculous victory.

To Love Them Both

March 11, 2016No Comments
A reflection on Matthew 6:24: "No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other." (NLT)

Lunatic's Ark

February 3, 2016No Comments
One of my most challenging stories to date, this is a fresh look at the Noah story in four movements. What if Noah really had been the madman everyone thought he was? Do we today ever sabotage the mission God gave us?


July 20, 2015No Comments
When everyone is screaming, no one can be heard.

The War is Coming!

April 13, 20153 Comments
Sometimes, in our preparation for war, we are the ones creating the fight.

A Longing, An Inspiration

April 10, 20152 Comments
It seems like the greatest inspiration often comes through pain.

Santa's Not Real

February 24, 20152 Comments
Sometimes stories, whether they are "factually accurate" or not, carry more truth in their bones than a journalistic account ever could. It's like Santa Claus.

If They're Right

February 19, 2015No Comments
What if the accusations against us are right? What if we're the monsters they say we are? We don't think they are, but could that be part of the problem?

Empty Night

February 5, 2015No Comments
Each day, no matter how bright, passes inevitably into the darkness of night.

Behind Closed Eyes.

February 2, 2015No Comments
Even the best of us often see what we want to see... and miss what we don't want to see. What do you notice as you read this story? What do you skim over? Where in your life do you miss opportunities to make a difference?

A Calm Heart

January 23, 2015No Comments
In the midst of the storm of brokenness, peace comes from the tender heartbeat of God.

A Day Passes

January 23, 2015No Comments
I wake up each morning hoping and praying that you'll still be here.

Holding Hands, in the Garden

November 5, 2014No Comments
There's a garden in Kansas City that is a special place for my wife and me, a haven that became a sort of sacred ground for us. This story is a quick, bright sketch of our time there and the reason it brought us so much joy.
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