Tag: love

  • God’s Holiness, Justice, and Love

    April 15, 2023
    God's holiness and justness are products of God's love. They don't exist as independent characteristics, creating conflicts in God's character.…
  • Wounded for Fear

    April 9, 2023
    A Good Friday meditation on why Jesus suffered the cross.
  • God is Love, Not a Slave Lord

    January 18, 2023
    Despite what Paul says, I don’t think God desires us to be slaves of God.
  • Self Portrait

    July 7, 2022
    A verse reflecting on myself and the things most important to me.
  • Foster Parenting and Being In, Not of, Relationship

    May 12, 2020
    Shortly after our foster daughter came to live with us, one of my friends asked, “How should I refer to…
  • Love Like Christ

    July 24, 2019
    Loving a person is different than not hating them. In my own life, I find that my indifference – or…
  • I’m Not a Rockstar – I’m a Child of God

    June 25, 2019
    When I see the incredible impact others have made for the kingdom of God – leading ministries that touch thousands,…
  • To Love Them Both

    March 11, 2016
    A reflection on Matthew 6:24: "No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other;…
  • Discerning Fear with the Help of Faith

    December 11, 2015
    We live in a scary world. Every time we turn around, we discover something new that causes us to fear…
  • A Life After Christ

    October 13, 2015
    For me, the ultimate goal of my faith is to live the type of life that Jesus Christ modeled. I…