• Monday Morning Confession Time

    A couple of weeks ago, Shannon wrote a lighthearted article as a confession, and I thought it was really cool. Since then, I've felt challenged to share a confession of my own. As a reminder, this format is based on Tim Suttle’s “Monday Morning Confessionals.” I confess that I, like Shannon, have a tattoo. I recently told this to an old high school friend of mine, and he refused to believe me until I sent him photographic evidence. I’ll spare you the horror of having to see a picture of my bare chest, but I do have a tattoo. It’s a series of numbers, and if you ever ask me what it means, I’ll probably make something up to avoid telling you what it really is. It’s not that I’m ashamed of it. Quite the contrary, actually - it’s a very personal thing for me, and I prefer to play it close to the chest (pun 100% intended). I confess that when I was a kid, my parents had to cancel game night because I got too competitive. Every Friday night, my family used to get together and play board games. It was a great time for us to talk, share, and bond, but I would get REALLY into the games. When I would lose, I would yell and throw things, so finally my parents had to cancel the activity altogether. That was a huge wake-up call for me, and it taught me a valuable lesson: the people in my life are much more valuable than my pride. I confess that there are a lot of things that I don’t know. I've always been a pretty opinionated guy - I come by that honestly through my father - but I learned several years ago that many of the things I thought I “knew” were completely wrong. It was quite a humbling experience, but it was crucial in my development as a person. Before, I thought that my confidence was a sign of strength. Since then, though, I've discovered something completely different - this “confidence” was really arrogance. Strength comes from being able to be completely honest with yourself - which, for me, meant admitting weakness and insecurity in a lot of areas. Bonus Confession I confess that I'm ashamed of my lack of dancing skills. Seriously. Don't ask me to dance, because it's not pretty. Even slow dances. I just walk in circles while I hold your hand. It's awkward. These are my confessions for today. Now it’s your turn….