Category: Christian Faith

I am unapologetically, critically Christian, and this channel is where I consider the complexities of my faith and the ways I live it out in my day-to-day existence.

It's My Right. (Part 1)

I Know My Rights. It is my right as an American to say whatever I want to say. I have freedom of speech, and I have the right to exercise it. I have the right to buy what I want to buy. I have the right to be happy when society tells me I should […]

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I am the easiest person for me to lie to...

I am the best web developer in Oklahoma. I am an amazing writer, and someday the world will know it. If I'd wanted to, I could've been a rock star - my music is JUST. THAT. GOOD. It's really easy for me to lie to myself, especially when the lie is something that I really […]

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Life In Pursuit

Christianity, in a nutshell: God made me, but I screwed up the relationship that we had. God is so passionate about pursuing me, that he gave up his only son to restore our relationship. Because of his love for me, I am passionate about pursuing him, and I want others to discover his love, as […]

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Love is Enough

Why do I always expect God to give me things? Why do I think that God must reward my faithfulness – even though my faithfulness is often lacking? I expect that he will bless me richly, that he will cause my business to prosper and my life to flourish. I expect that he will give […]

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Change on Purpose

I've got crap in my life. I'm a screw-up. I hold grudges. I bend the truth. I'm opinionated and rub it in people's faces. I break things and try to hide them so no one finds out. I take so much pride in my work that I unfairly criticize the honest work of others. I […]

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