If They’re Right

What if the accusations against us are right? What if we’re the monsters they say we are? We don’t think they are, but could that be part of the problem?

Written by

Randall J. Greene

Published on

Go BackPoetry, Stories

They say we’re arrogant

They say we’re afraid
of failure
of truth
of sight.

What if they’re right?
What if we’ve lost the faith
through visions of self-righteousness?
What if we’re bigots
and cowards
driven by fear and hate?

What if they’re right?
Is that why we push to prove
that we’re right and they’re undeniably wrong?
Is that why we protest
and picket and point
and accuse everyone else of hate?

If we truly believed
our faith was the answer
wouldn’t we spend less time defending
and more time caring
for the poor and the broken
and those who are victims of their state?

We crucify an enemy
we see all around us
though they approach us
with their hands in the air.

Imaginary demons
a threat to overwhelm us
when the demons inside us
are the real enemies we share.

But we raise our guns
aim at the defenseless
call them attackers
and fire.

What if they’re right?
Have we lost the faith
we’ve defended so hard?
Have we forgotten the call to serve
to love and sacrifice ourselves for
the ones that we’ve chosen to alienate?