• Why I Love Words and Paper

    Words, if you look at them, are a binary of black and white, ink on a page. But when we listen to them, when we see them for what they mean, they shine.
  • A Found Poem About Friendship Based on a ChatGPT Poem About Socks

    When I asked ChatGPT to write a sonnet about socks, it did! And a surprisingly coherent one, too. But then I wanted to see if I could take what it created and turn it into something new.
  • The One I Have to Tell

    I want to tell stories of majesty and grandeur, but it's far more important to me that my stories be honest, true, and those majestic stories aren't mine to share.
  • One Thousand Words a Day

    I made a goal for myself to write one thousand words a day, and sometimes, to meet my goal, I have to repeat myself.
  • Beauty Grace Illusion Lie

    Life is complicated, messy, hard to understand. And that's exactly what makes it beautiful.
  • The War is Coming!

    Sometimes, in our preparation for war, we are the ones creating the fight.
  • A Longing, An Inspiration

    The greatest inspiration often comes through pain.
  • If They’re Right

    What if the accusations against us are right? What if we're the monsters they say we are? We don't think they are, but could that be part of the problem?
  • A Calm Heart

    In the midst of the storm of brokenness, peace comes from the tender heartbeat of God.
  • A Day Passes

    I wake up each morning hoping and praying that you'll still be here.